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Meet Struggle Jennings:

 Born Will Harness, this grandson of country music legend Waylon Jennings took on the moniker Struggle Jenningswhen beginning a rap career. Jennings' early tracks were often based around samples of his grandfather's songs juxtaposed with eerie hip-hop beats as a backdrop for his intense and street-minded rhymes. While in the midst of growing his career and forming ties with other hip-hop figures such as Yelawolf, Harness came up on drug-related charges and went to jail in 2011. While incarcerated, his focus on his music sharpened deeply. During the course of a five-year sentence, Struggle saw the release of his 2013 debut album, I Am Struggle, and also had video footage taken in jail that resulted in a video for his single "Black Curtains," as well as a documentary that told his strange and twisting story. Shortly after being released from prison in early 2016, he quickly released the Return of the Outlaw EP, priming fans for a sophomore album was released in 2017. Struggles current album with life long friend Jellyroll is available here:
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