Suspect Bites Off And Swallows Cop's Finger During Altercation

Suspect Bites Off And Swallows Cop's Finger During Altercation

34-year-old, Ainsley Johnson, has had quite the troubled past. Since 2008, Johnson, who just so happens to be a registered sex offender, has been arrested a total of twelve times dating back to '08 where he was convicted of rape during an incident Queens, NY and booked for attempted sexual battery during another sexual offense in 2012.

Last year, Johnson was busted by officers of the 69th precinct of Canarsie, Brooklyn on four separate occasions for charges of criminal trespassing, unlicensed operator, and resisting arrest.

Now, Ainsley Johnson is facing resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer charges after biting off all that he can chew in a recent altercation with an officer at the same Canarsie precinct.

This past Friday night around 5 pm, the authorities arrested Johnson on E. 99th Street after he supposedly wiled out on a 46-year-old resident in the neighborhood, breaking the windows to his '03 BMW and crushed the victim's mailbox with a cement planter.

Ainsley Johnson was able to be escorted to the precinct without hassle until an officer was attempting to re-handcuff the suspect while in the station. A physical altercation broke out causing the two to fall to the floor where Johnson was able to bite off the tip of the middle finger of the 24-year-old police officer and swallow it before it could be retrieved by the authorities.

Police sources confirmed that Johnson bit off the officer's finger "from nail to tip." The police officer was escorted to Kings County Hospital while Johnson was escorted to Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center for injuries that have been disclosed by the police department.

Johnson was initially arrested for criminal mischief charges but, will probably see more charges added following this incident. Ainsley Johnson is currently awaiting arraignment.