Woman uses keys to defend herself from attacker

Woman uses keys to defend herself from attacker

ATLANTA (WCMH) – An Atlanta man was arrested after police say he tried to attack a food delivery driver.

Sonya King told WSB she feared for her life while making the DoorDash delivery in northwest Atlanta.

When she arrived to make her delivery, she found the door open.

A man inside identified as 54-year-old Rick Painter, told her to leave the food on the counter.

King said Painter offered her a cash tip.

"In the process of him going through his wallet, he said, 'Oh and by the way I’m Jesus,'" King said.

That’s when King said Painter came at her from behind and grabbed her head scarf.

According to a police report, King countered the attack by hitting Painter multiple times with her keys.

She then left and called police, WXIA reported.

When police arrived, they found a couch blocking the door.

Officers moved the couch aside and found Painter in bed, hiding under the covers.

When the covers were pulled back, Painter was found without clothes and covered in key marks on his head and torso.

Painter is charged with misdemeanor battery and had bond set at $5,000.