Two Arkansas men arrested for taking turns testing bulletproof vest on each other

Two Arkansas men arrested for taking turns testing bulletproof vest on each other
BENTON COUNTY, Ark. (KNWA) - Police arrested two men after they took turns shooting one another while wearing a bullet-resistant vest, according to a probable cause affidavit.
Charles Eugene Ferris, 50, and Christopher Hicks, 36, were arrested Monday (April 1) in connection with an aggravated assault.
They were released on a $5,000 bond and were issued a no-contact order from the Benton County Jail on Tuesday, April 2.
Benton County Sheriff's Deputy Dorian Hendrix went to Mercy Hospital around 11 p.m Sunday, March 31, to investigate a male who had been shot multiple times while wearing a bullet-proof vest, according to the affidavit.
Hendrix interviewed Ferris, who had a red spot on his chest, the affidavit states.
Ferris told an elaborate story to try and cover up the truth.
He said someone from the edge of a tree line began shooting at him and the "asset" on Highway 12, according to the affidavit. 
Ferris changed his story about the incident and said he did not want to get Hicks in trouble, so he made up his prior story, the affidavit states. 
He then told police what really happened and said he had been drinking on his back deck with Hicks and wanted Hicks to shoot him with the vest on.
Hicks shot Ferris with a .22 caliber semi-automatic rifle, according to the affidavit. 
The bullet hit the top left corner of the vest stopping the bullet but leaving a red mark. 
Ferris told police he was "pissed" and Hicks put the vest on, the affidavit states.
Ferris then "unloaded the clip into Hicks' back," according to a police report. 
No rounds from the .22 caliber semi-automatic rifle penetrated the vest.