Watch — DC Protester to Black Cop: ‘B*tch-A** [N-Word], Keep Sucking that White Man’s D*ck’

A Black Lives Matter protester unleashed a slew of expletives in an angry tirade against a group of officers during Tuesday night’s protest in Washington, DC, calling a black officer a “bitch-ass [n-word]” and adding, “keep sucking that white man’s d*ck.”
Breitbart News captured the moment an angry protester confronted officers, challenging them to look him in the eye.
“You can’t swallow your pride and dignity and understand the hurt… Can’t even look me in the eye because you’re a bitch,” he told an officer before moving to the next one.
“You gonna look me in the eye or no? No, the fuck you can’t because you’re a bitch also,” he continued, moving to another officer and telling him to set his timer for 8 minutes and 46 seconds “because that’s how long that man said he could not fucking breath.”
“And that white man did not move a fucking muscle,” he said before pacing back in the other direction, only to pause to yell at a black officer, specifically.
“Why the fuck aren’t you over here with your people,” the protester could be heard shouting, mentioning the officer’s ancestors.
“And you’re on that side. Because you’re a bitch-ass [n-word]. Keep sucking that white man’s dick,” he yelled.
Breitbart News has captured several tense moments between officers and demonstrators during the two nights of protests in the nation’s capital this week. There have been several instances of protesters scolding officers, hurling a collection of insults, and even likening them to white supremacists.
“Her ancestors are upset with her… She needs to work through the trauma that has her out here. The internalized trauma,” a male protester told a black female officer on Monday night.
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“Y’all don’t know that and you will never feel that. I don’t give a fuck if this is your job. I don’t respect you because all I know is you prioritize money over humanity and I will never respect anybody like that. Because you know who had that same ideology? Fucking white supremacists,” another protester shouted to a group of officers, accusing them of brutalization.
“You brutalize us. You don’t even see me as a person. I’m not a person to you. When white men rape us, they don’t care, because we’re just fucking pieces of meat right?” she yelled. “I’m a black bitch with a big booty right? That’s what I am to you right?”
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“You can hold my dick, how’s that? I’ll hire you to hold my dick,” another activist told an officer during a tense exchange Monday evening.
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Breitbart News also captured the scene on Tuesday as a Black Lives Matter activist attempted to stare down an Asian policewoman, who refused to flinch amid the act of intimidation.