'You got something to say, little boy?': Feisty woman gets right back in leftist punk's face after he orders her to 'check your f***ing privilege'

That's how it's done


(ANN)- The multitude of young leftists who've been looting stores, destroying property, pulling down statues, and scaring away police over the last month have grown so intoxicated on their newfound power that a miscalculation was bound to occur.

And it happened Sunday by the now-controversial statue of former President Teddy Roosevelt in New York City, when a group advocating for the monument's preservation stood up to leftists who want it gone.
What are the details?

One very passionate mature woman took the leftists to task, pointing to them and saying, "You are a domestic terrorist group, and we will see to it that you fall, and you fall so hard you won't know what hit you!"

Well, apparently that was too much to take for a ginger-haired radical guy who bounded over to the woman and ordered her to knock off her free speech routine.

Clearly conditioned by countless examples of elected officials, cops, and regular citizens cowering in the face of left-wing mobs, he let her have it: "Yo, lady! Check your f***ing privilege and get back over there!"

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Fortunately, another man stepped in front of the kid — who identified himself as a student at American University — before he could get any closer to the woman.

But it turns out she didn't need much help.

'You got something to say, little boy?'

"Who are you talkin' to, huh?" the woman yelled at the kid, who towered over her. "You got something to say, little boy? You got something to say, little boy? No, you don't, do you?"

Seemed the only checking necessary at this moment was his shorts.

Yup, a member of the valiant left — whose adherents never seem to run out of snarky one-liners as they gain ideological ground — actually appeared sobered by the encounter.

While he did manage to muster a meek "go back there" command, it was hard to take him seriously at this point.

"No, I'll stand wherever I want!" the woman barked back, adding that "I can walk wherever I want!"

As she continued yelling at the kid, pointing her finger, he seemed willing to stand in her face, but other nearby men warned him: "Don't go chest-to-chest with a woman. Chest-to-chest with a woman, tough guy?"

"Learn your history!" she hollered. "If you learned your history, you wouldn't be a radical!" She added that it was an "embarrassment" that he was wearing an American University T-shirt.

The woman also took the kid to task for mistakenly taking on a muscle role when leftists pretty much only succeed in physically intimidating others when they're part of a large group.

"They got a lot of nerve when they got a lot of people," she remarked.

Still, the kid did his darnedest: "You're bigots. You don't understand the Constitution. All men are created equal."

But the woman was through suffering fools — and served up her best rejoinder: "Is that the best you got, dolly boy? Is that the best you got, baby boy? Is that the best you got? Is that the best you got? Go back to school!"

Check out how it's done. (Content warning: Language):

Oh, but there's much more

Our heroine in a separate clip articulated her reasons for defending the Roosevelt statue and assessed what she believes the left is really up to.

"What they're doing is trying to erase history," she said, adding that Roosevelt was "one of our best presidents ever" and that "it takes my breath away that something as beautiful and as magnificent as" the statue has been deemed "unfit" by Mayor Bill de Blasio's wife, Chirlane McCray.

"This is not about race any more; it never really was," the woman continued. "This is about taking apart the fabric of America. This is all about the fabric of America. They want us to read their narrative: Freedom of speech so long as we say what they want us to say. 

Any kind of freedom at all is all about their narrative, the radical left narrative. We can't allow that any more. This is America. We stand with all races, all colors, all creeds. People came to this country to seek those freedoms, and now, from the inside out, they want to take them away. It's not gonna work. We won't allow it."