BLM rioter shot in Kenosha was a non-compliant two-time convicted child sex offender

Joseph Rosenbaum the BLM/Antifa rioter shot in the head was a two-time convicted sex offender. And was guilty of 40 infractions over the 14 years he was incarcerated at an Arizona correction facility. Including four infractions for throwing bodily fluid at staff members.

Strangely, even though this is a known verifiable fact and public record corporate media refuses to acknowledge this glaring truth.

The corporate news media has even gone so far as to portray Rosenbaum as a "family man" and some sort of a victim in all the carnage that unfolded 08/26/2020 on the streets of Kenosha Wisconsin.

That is a complete LIE.

Joseph Rosenbaum

There is plenty of videos that show this convicted pedophile was being an aggressive agitator with armed Antifa and BLM rioters standing behind him.

At one point in the video, he is heard screaming in the face of a group of armed citizens "SHOOT ME NI#GA, SHOOT ME N#GGA". Shortly after this Rosenbaum and others chased down Kyle Rittenhouse and Rosenbaum was shot and killed.

WARNING EXTREMELY GRAPHIC video of  Rosenbaum acting aggressive and enraged shortly before he chased down Kyle Rittenhouse.

It has even been reported and verified that Joseph Rosenbaum's name has been removed from the Wisconsin sex offenders registry. Which is odd because it was reported by @MrAndyNgo that you could find his name there as of 12:01 AM · Aug 27, 2020.

Why are the corporate news media and big tech censoring and removing this information about a rioting, convicted pedophile, agitator?

Also, WHO had his name removed from the AZ and WI Sex offender registry? Why? Was it in order to push the misinformation CNN, MSM, DNC narrative that he was a "fun-loving family man"?

These are questions all Americans should be asking! 

To set the record straight our investigation here at ALLNEWSNATION.ORG  has uncovered Joseph Rosenbaums COMPLETE AZ public inmate record. This proves without a doubt he was a 2 time convicted sex offender with a child. Served 12 years in prison in AZ.

Don't let the corporate media and big tech railroad this kid and continue censoring, lying to, and misinforming the American people in order to push their radical left-wing agenda. It's time to wake up.

Joseph Rosenbaum complete AZ public inmate record.

AZ.GOV Inmate Datasearch.