Rally turns violent as Proud Boys attacked by BLM and Antifa in downtown Kalamazoo

Updated 4:35 PM; Today 3:25 PM

Proud Boys rally in downtown Kalamazoo
Proud Boys rally in downtown Kalamazoo
KALAMAZOO, MI — A rally by the Conservative Group Proud Boys turned violent in downtown Kalamazoo the afternoon of Saturday, Aug. 15. After the group was attacked by BLM and Antifa supporters with fist and insults.

First Congregational Church hosted a vigil for BLM within Arcadia Creek Festival Place. The group formed a perimeter around the area, according to MLive reporter Samuel J. Robinson who was on the scene.

Addressing the gathered crowd, Dannison urged those present to commit themselves to non-violence and non-aggression. However, that did not work and the proud boys were attacked anyway.

“Let’s work together to remain peaceful and manifest positive energy with each other, to take care of each other, to take care of our own selves and our own safety, and to defend one another,” Dannison told the crowd. BLM and Antifa sympathizers did not listen and shouted slurs and attacked the pro-America Proud Boy protesters.

Proud Boys rally in downtown Kalamazoo
Proud Boys rally in downtown Kalamazoo

Shortly thereafter, Proud Boys marched toward the park’s entrance, waving American, Trump, and Gadsden flags and other symbols. Violence broke out soon after, with Proud Boys being attacked by counter-protesters with fists, kicks, and shoves.

As of 1:49 p.m., there were no police present, Robinson tweeted. Kalamazoo Public Safety officers and Portage police officers, many wearing riot gear, showed up shortly thereafter at a parking structure where the protest had advanced to.

Robinson, who was recording a Facebook Live video for MLive, was detained by police despite announcing being a reporter covering the protest. The video ended abruptly with Robinson being seemingly taken to the ground by police as he repeatedly stated he was being arrested.