Woman Throws Hot Coffee in Face of Man Because He Wasn’t Wearing a Mask

(ANN) - A crazed woman went berzerk on a guy who was trying to eat a burrito without wearing a facemask.

“It’s hard to heat a burrito with a mask,” the unidentified man told the left-wing loon.

The man and another man were about to eat lunch on a bench in Manhattan Beach, California when they were accosted by the woman and her male companion.

The two men explained that they were on the other side of the mask controversy – in other words – they don’t support wearing masks.

Video shows the woman suddenly throwing a cup of hot coffee in the face of one of the guys.

“Hey, you shouldn’t have thrown the drink in his face. That was pretty stupid,” the other man said.

“I would do it ten times over motherf***er. F*** you,” the woman replied.

At that point, the man lunged at the boyfriend, threw a punch, and ordered him to call off the woman.

The boyfriend called 911 and reported that he had been assaulted. He conveniently left out the part about how he and his girlfriend started the assault.

“I can throw better punches than you. That’s not against the law,” the victim said. “You should’ve left us the f*** alone.” reports that no one was arrested and both parties were told by police to apologize to each other.

Apologize? For what?

The guy was assaulted by a woman holding a hot cup of coffee. She and her mask should’ve been hauled off to jail.