Live Feed - Civil unrest in Louisville following Breona Taylor announcement


Dozens of BLM rioters unload batons, shields, and barricades from a Rental truck in anticipation of what is to come. photo/nypost screenshot

Civil unrest in Louisville intensifies hours after Breonna Taylor grand jury decision.


Moments after a Kentucky grand jury’s decision to only indict one of three cops involved — and only for endangering neighbors by opening fire — in Taylor’s March 13 shooting death, protests erupted on the streets of Louisville.

Hundreds chanting, “No justice! No Peace!” took to the streets — and less than three hours after the charges were handed up against former Louisville police detective Brett Hankison, confrontations between police and protesters broke out.

As police in riot gear and demonstrators clashed, officers fired off pepper balls and several arrests were made.

Police in Louisville have called for a 9:00pm est curfew after hundreds of BLM and Antifa protesters have descended on the city. The protesters seem to be preparing for a battle after the announcement regarding the Breona Taylor case. 

Many other cities across the country are preparing for civil unrest regarding the announcement. Detroit, Atlanta, and Chicago Police Departments are on high alert.   

There are many MSM, citizen journalists, protesters, and spectators live streaming across the country Below we will provide feeds to allow you to watch the events unfold in real-time.

UPDATE 8:30 pm est LPD has confirmed two officers have been shot in Louisville during the unrest. More to follow.

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Live feed Washington DC:


 Live feed Louisville:


Live in Louisville:


Live in Louisville:

Live feed in Detroit: