Hero dad shoots ‘peeping Tom’ who was caught masturbating outside daughter’s bedroom window: cops


A Texas father shot and wounded an intoxicated creep who was caught masturbating outside his daughter’s bedroom window late Sunday night, authorities said.

The dad and his wife found the alleged “peeping Tom” outside their Houston home around 10 p.m. and confronted him, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement. The man, apparently hoping to get away with it, “apologized and walked away,” deputies said.

But that was not good enough for these parents.

The couple armed themselves with handguns and tried to detain the suspected perv. They followed the man to a gas station across the street where the woman grabbed and held him while her husband ran inside the store to call 911, authorities said.

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At that point, the suspect took the handgun from the woman and pointed it at her — prompting the father to open fire, striking the suspect with multiple bullets, according to the sheriff’s office and local news reports. The father told ABC13 he believes he shot the man four times, including twice in the chest and once in the stomach.

The suspect was taken to the hospital in critical but stable condition, deputies said. The case was turned over to the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, which will decide whether to file charges.

The father believes the man may have spied on his underage daughter at least once before. He said the girl complained in the past about someone watching her through the window, but the parents did not believe her, according to ABC13.

Both the father and mother are licensed gun carriers.