Officer helps boy fix basketball hoop

A resident who snapped a photo of the officer said the LEO spent two days fixing the hoop

BUCKEYE, Ariz. — An Arizona officer is being recognized for helping a boy fix his broken basketball hoop.
ABC 15 reports that a photo showing the Buckeye officer hard at work has gone viral. According to Owen Soba, who snapped the photo, the officer spent two days fixing the hoop.

Buckeyes Finest! It’s the small things. PO Haley attempted to help the boy who is playing basketball yesterday in repairing the basketball hoop for him because it kept catching his ball. He returned back today w. the proper tools & a new net to replace it for him
Soba shared the photo not knowing the post would garner hundreds of “likes” and shares on social media. In a Twitter post, Soba said the officer, identified as Josh Haley, helped the boy after the broken hoop "kept catching the ball."
Chief Larry Hall responded to the photo, applauding Haley for his act of kindness.
“I applaud Officer Haley for his actions and appreciate the photographer for taking the time to capture the moment and share with the public,” Hall said.
Soba, a retired detective from New York, said the officer didn’t want any recognition, but added that it’s an example of the good things officers do every day.
"I'm just so used to seeing things that people share that are not always positive and I know for a fact there's a lot of good cops out there that do things for kids and communities every day," Soba said.