Video shows officers arriving just as Hurst home explodes

Video shows officers arriving just as Hurst home explodes

 - Dash camera video from the Hurst Police Department shows officers arriving at a home just as it explodes.
The house on the corner of West Redbud and Myrtle drives was hit by an SUV in early April. The driver, 40-year-old Arnulfo Castro, claimed his brakes went out and he lost control of the vehicle.
The impact severed a gas line and about seven minutes later the house exploded.
The police video shows several officers pulling up to the scene. One starts walking towards the house and it suddenly bursts into flames.
“I just remember a big heat wave and something kind of pushing me from the side,” said Officer Travis Hiser.“There was shrapnel coming out of the house. The roof explodes, insulation was coming out. Things were coming out on fire.”
The officers ran to the back of the house and found a woman severely injured and burned in the rubble. They pulled her to safety and were also able to get her husband and adult son out.
The three members of the Bridges family are slowly recovering. One of the officers who helped rescue them was also treated for minor burns.

Castro was arrested for not having a license. He was also placed on an immigration hold and then transferred to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody.