Woman sets ex-boyfriend on fire after inviting him over for Easter dinner


 - 38-year-old Shivon Perez is accused of setting her ex-boyfriend on fire and then locking him inside an apartment to burn to death.
The Altamonte Springs Police Department says that Perez lured her ex-boyfriend to her apartment for Easter dinner and asked him to fix a bathroom pipe. She told him that there was a leak under the bathroom sink.
Officers say that when he laid on the floor to fix it, she doused him gasoline. Holding a blow torch, Perez said that "you are going to pay" and set him on fire. 
Police believe that Perez tried to keep him from getting out, as they said that boards were set up at every window and that Perez had asked neighbors to help her switch locks. The locks worked from the outside instead of the inside. 

photoThe ex-boyfriend reportedly was able to push past Perez and barely escaped. 
 "He was running down the stairs with flames on him. He was very frantic," said neighbor Nicole Fader. "His skin was literally peeling. His face had blood on it. It was a horrible situation."  
Fader says she looked up again and saw the man's girlfriend.  "Screaming to the top of her lungs that she was innocent," said Fader.  
Police say that the ex-boyfriend is in the hospital after suffering severe burns on the right side of his body, chest, neck, and face.
Investigators say this could have been an attempt at murder-suicide. They arrested Perez when she left the hospital after recovering from smoke ventilation. 
Perez is being charged with First-Degree Murder Premeditated, Arson Causing Permanent Disability, and Kidnapping with False Imprisonment.
Perez is being held without bond while waiting to be extradited to Seminole County, where the crime occurred.