Cop Gets Unexpected Surprise After being Called To 'Vicious' Murder Dog

Cop Gets Unexpected Surprise After being Called To 'Vicious' Murder Dog

Texarkana, TX – An emergency call about a vicious dog in a neighborhood didn’t end as expected on Sunday when the very friendly pooch hopped into the responding officer’s patrol car as though he wanted to go for a ride, and the pictures of the encounter have gone viral.

Texarkana Police Officer Travis Frost responded to the call on April 29, and arrived in the residential neighborhood to find a very large dog laying on the front porch of a house, according to a post on the Texarkana Police Department’s Facebook page that has been shared more than 45,000 times.

“It was discovered that he had an implanted chip, but the owner's contact information had not been updated in the system,” the Texarkana police explained.

“Had that information been current, it would have been possible for the Animal Control officer to immediately scan the chip and contact the owner yesterday. That would have saved Gold a trip to the Shelter and overnight accommodations there. If you have a chip for your dog but are not sure that the information on file is still current, please take a moment to call the company today to update,” the department reminded people.

The department also said they had originally misidentified the dog as a Pit Bull, but have since been informed that Gold is an American Bully.

Regardless, Officer Travis said that while you should be careful around any dog you don’t know, Gold was a good example of why you shouldn’t assume a particular breed is a bad dog.

“They might be really loving like this guy was this morning,” the department concluded its Facebook post.

Officer Travis said he left the door of his patrol vehicle open when he got out to approach the dog, just in case the dog went after him and he needed to jump back in real quickly.

Instead, the dog jumped into his police car.

Officer Travis said he whistled for the dog when he arrived, and the dog trotted over, wagging its tail in a friendly manner.

After he petted the dog, the officer’s new furry friend jumped right into the driver’s seat of the patrol vehicle, looking very much at home in the pictures the officer later shared.

Animal Control responded and took the dog into custody without incident, but the story didn’t end there.

It turned out that the dog, whose name was Gold, had a worried owner at home, but the owner hadn’t updated the information on the dog’s chip when he last moved, the department reported in an update on their Facebook page.

A Texarkana officer's encounter with a "vicious" dog went viral after the pooch asked for a ridealong.