VIDEO- Police Officer Looking at His Phone Plows Over Cyclist Sitting at a Stop Sign

Peculiar, MO — A rather shocking video was uploaded to YouTube this week by a cyclist wearing a helmet camera who filmed a distracted police officer ram him head on as he waited at a stop sign. Officer Wallace with the Peculiar police department was looking down at his phone while turning left and never saw Joe Fas sitting there on his bicycle.
As Fas sat at the stop sign, waiting to turn, his helmet camera showed him looking right and then looking left. All of the sudden, officer Wallace, driving his police SUV, marked unit 396, turns left—into the wrong lane—and slams into Fas who couldn’t get out of the way fast enough.
“Whoa! Whoa!” Fas screamed as officer Wallace looked down at his phone, clearly not paying attention to where he was going.
“You mother….motherf**ker, you were looking at your phone, officer,” says Fas as he gets to his feet.
Wallace opens his door and immediately gives the excuse that he was “f**king looking at a text from another officer,” as if this makes plowing over an innocent bicyclist acceptable.
“396,” Fas says, recording to officer’s unit number. He then looks down at his Scott bike which appears to be twisted and broken.
“Why were you texting?” Fas asks the officer as he approaches him.