Georgia Southern University tells Conservative Students they can't Advocate on Campus

Statesboro Ga (ANN) Police and administration at Georgia Southern University told a group of conservatives students, representing Turning Point USA, that they can't table on campus, citing university rules, reported Campus Reform.
The story: After being told by police of campus that they can't be "doing stuff like this" without filling out the necessary paperwork, the group headed to a building to discuss the issue with an administrator. There, they were told that "there is a free speech area, but you have to reserve it. You can't just show up on campus because that's when the soliciting starts happening.” The administrator also explained that it takes the university several days to process the request and added that after the application is approved, they will be offered to use school’s equipment, so they don't stand out in the crowd. The Turning Point USA group remained adamant that they are within their rights to table in the free speech zone so they moved there. They were not kicked out of campus, even though officers told them that they are breaking school policy.
Georgia Southern's response: When contacted by Campus Reform, the school provided the outlet with a link to the “Freedom of Expression Policy.
Here's a video of what happened on campus.