Ohio Man Charged with Assault after Catching Child Molester in the Act

update-“I don’t feel like I should’ve been arrested in this situation. I feel like if you’re stopping a crime, that you should be able to walk free from helping someone who could not protect themselves in this situation.”

Eastlake Police Department

EASTLAKE, OH (ANN) - An Ohio man is facing felony assault charges for allegedly attacking a 17-year-old he caught molesting a 5-year-old boy.

The incident happened at a residence in the 1400 block of East 363rd Street Thursday.
According to the report, the 20-year-old man walked into a room and found the 17-year-old sexually assaulting the child and a fight broke out between the two.

According to WKYC-TV Richard Adams, 20, was arrested and charged with Felonious Assault. The report says Adams walked in on a 17-year-old juvenile molesting a 5-year-old boy, then assaulted the teen.

The 17-year-old juvenile is being charged with rape.

Police say this is an ongoing investigation and no further information is being released.