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VIDEO- Man assassinated by Antifa/BLM radical without any provocation during violent riots in Portland

BLM rioter shot in Kenosha was a non-compliant two-time convicted child sex offender

The 2 BLM rioters killed in Kenosha had lengthy criminal records including domestic violence and 2 different child rape convictions

Nick Sandmann lawyer helps fund defense of Kyle Rittenhouse, charged in Kenosha shooting

Lawyer for accused Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse demands ‘justice’

Graphic videos shows attack by armed rioters on Kyle Rittenhouse that led to deadly shootings in Kenosha

State employees steal millions while Incompetent Governor Whitmer panders for VP spot

Graphic Video - Kenosha officer knocked cold with brick from rioter

Armed BLM & antifa attack leads to shooting , Kenosha. August 25, 2020.

Judge Orders Election Redo After NJ Democrats Charged with Voter Fraud

Police: Democrat Mayoral Candidate Faked Own Kidnapping, Beating for Sympathy Votes