Like Hunter Biden’s Laptop Is Real – Americans Know the 2020 Election Was Stolen from President Trump


Joe Hoft
Published April 11, 2022, at 10:25am

The 2020 Election was stolen.  Big Media, Big Tech, the corrupt Democrat Party, and corrupt RINOs in the Republican Party can no longer hide it.  Americans know the 2020 Election was stolen.

We’ve been writing about this crime since the morning of November 4th – the day after the stolen election.  Overnight multiple states changed hands after President Trump was winning them all.  In multiple states, we saw hundreds of thousands of Biden-only ballots get counted and the leads change from that point forward.  We labeled this the Drop and Roll.

These shocking results were never explained.

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We saw ballots pulled out from under tables election night after poll watchers were sent home in Georgia.  We found vans dropping off ballots at 4 am in Michigan under the building where counting was taking place.  TGP requested this video which wasn’t provided until after Biden’s inauguration.

Now we see evidence of 2000 mules dropping off multiple ballots at drop boxes in swing states.  This is part of the upcoming production by Dinesh D’Souza.

However, every article and every mention of the 2020 Election Steal in the legacy media and even in conservative media since November 4, 2020, has been edited with wording suggesting the stolen election was a lie.

Today’s example was in Mediaite when reporting on the campaign video of Alabama Governor Ivey, Mediaite responded by sharing this:

Ivey’s ad produced no evidence to back up her assertions, though they echo Trump’s countless claims the election was corrupted by mass fraud and rigged against him. Those claims have been repeatedly rejected by the courts and by Trump’s former attorney general, Bill Barr.

We’ve heard this since November 4th.  This is a lie.  There’s ample evidence that the 2020 Election was stolen from President Trump.  Just like Hunter Biden’s laptop was not a lie.  The election steal is not a lie as well.

No matter how hard the corrupt Big Media, Big Tech, Democrat Party, RINOs and others try to cover it up, the truth is now in the open.

America now knows without a doubt that the 2020 Election was stolen.