Hillary Clinton's Night Ruined by Serial Pooper: Or was it?

Hillary and Chelsea Clinton attended “Some Like It Hot” where the pooper struck 

Fan poops in aisle near Hillary and Chelsea Clinton at Broadway show

Hold on to your seats, folks, because we have some SHOCKING news coming out of the legendary Shubert Theater! According to Page Six, a serial pooper has been on the prowl, leaving behind some stinky surprises in the theater's aisles. And get this, the last time they struck, it was near none other than Hillary and Chelsea Clinton during a performance of "Some Like It Hot"! Can you believe it?

Now, a source close to the show says it was just a one-off incident, but another source tells us that theater staff has had to deal with this crap (literally) at other performances too. In fact, last week when Hillary and Chelsea were in attendance, the lights came up for intermission and what did they find? 

Two HUMAN TURDS just sitting there in the aisle like they owned the place.


Now, the good news is that the theater's crew dealt with the situation quickly and appropriately, and Hillary and Chelsea stuck around for the second act. But the real question here is who is the Phantom of the Poopera? Is it just an elderly person with a sad case of the runs, or is there someone out there intentionally smuggling in defecation to dump in the theater's aisles?

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One insider insists that this isn't the first time this has happened, in fact, they claim it's happened FOUR times already! But another insider says it's just a sad accident and there's no Phantom of the Poopera lurking around.

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Regardless of who's responsible, it's safe to say that this situation is putting the deuce in the forty-deuce district. This show has been attracting big names like Steven Spielberg, Martin Short, Debbie Allen, Bo Derek, Eddie Izzard, Kristin Chenoweth, and more. We reached out to a rep for the show, but they didn't comment on the alleged incidents.