Trump Reveals 10-Point Plan to Dismantle the Deep State and Restore American Democracy


    Getty images: President Trump speaking at the Whitehouse.                                                                                                        

President Donald Trump is again making headlines with his new plan to fight against the corrupt deep-state actors that have been undermining American democracy for years. In a powerful video released on the Trump War Room Twitter account, he unveiled a 10-point plan to dismantle the "Deep State" and restore power to the people.

The first point of this plan involves firing rogue bureaucrats who have been holding onto their jobs for far too long. These bureaucrats have been working to undermine the American people for years. However, Trump hopes to use his power upon re-election to remove them once and for all.


President Trump also promises to clean out all the corrupt actors in our national security and intelligence apparatus, which have been weaponized against conservatives, Christians, and anyone else deemed a threat by the left. The deep state has been targeting and persecuting its political enemies. The time has come to put an end to this abuse of power.

Getty image: Americans fed up with corruption protesting.                                                                               

In addition to these actions, Trump will clean up the corrupt FISA courts that have been rubber-stamping surveillance on U.S. citizens. He will establish a truth and reconciliation commission to declassify and publish all documents on deep state spying, censorship, and corruption. We deserve to know the truth about what has been going on behind the scenes.


Trump also plans to crack down on government leakers who collude with fake news to deliberately weave false narratives and subvert our democracy. These leakers are traitors and cowards who must be held accountable for their actions.

Getty images: Trump supporter showing her patriotism while waiting for President Trumps motorcade.         

To ensure that our government is truly transparent and accountable, Trump will make every Inspector General's Office independent and physically separated from the departments they oversee. This will prevent them from becoming protectors of the deep state and instead focus on rooting out corruption.


Finally, Trump will continually conduct audits of intelligence agencies to ensure that they are not spying on our citizens or running disinformation campaigns against the American people. We cannot allow them to spy on someone's campaign, as they did on Trump in 2016.

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Trump's 10-point plan is a courageous and critical step to fight back against the deep state and restore power to the people. It's time to reclaim our democracy and remove the corruption plaguing our government for too long.